I can’t wait to read the 8th chapter of Shingeki no Kyojin Gaiden. There’s no translation, yet.
At the same time I’m terrified, because it’s the last chapter and I love it so much. It’s perfect.

I found the script of the pages 1-33 (though it is still missing translations for pages 36,37, and 40). Here’s the link.

Students who acquire large debts putting themselves through school are unlikely to think about changing society. When you trap people in a system of debt, they can’t afford the time to think.
Noam Chomsky (via zeitgeistrama)



This Generic Brand Video Is The Greatest Thing About The Absolute Worst In Advertising

Stock footage brand Dissolve puts its product to good use to call out lazy marketers peddling empty ideas. 


"See how this guy in a lab coat holds up a beaker? That means we do research."


Follow for sexy women and luxury.


More stills from the upcoming game BATMAN: Arkham Knight!  Check it out!!!


SAT scores by family income, in one revealing chart